Care Instructions
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Care Instructions

Like all metal based products ironmongery requires regular cleaning to prevent deposits from accumulating and damaging the items appearance. The following instructions will enable you to prolong the lifetime of the finish on these products. 

Occasional wiping with a soft cloth and cleaning with a nonabrasive wax polish 

Clean with a damp clean cloth moistened with soapy water or wipe with a soft cloth with a nonabrasive wax polish.

It should be noted that the life of lacquer on most items is limited and will eventually break down. Adverse conditions such as industrial pollution, sea air, acid rain, abrasives etc. and repeated continual handling may cause the coating to deteriorate prematurely. 

Iron is vulnerable to rusting and whilst we make every effort to cover all areas of our products to avoid rusting it is essential to maintain these items , especially in external situations, to try and prevent rusting. It is recommended to give items an occasional light oiling. This can be done by wiping the items with a lightly oiled cloth to help prevent a build-up of harmful deposits which will cause corrosion. 

Whilst stainless steel is a strong durable material; it will, if not maintained regularly, show signs of rusting . It is therefore recommended that you carry out the following cleaning regime:

  • Clean regularly with a dry cloth or duster
  • Periodic washing with warm soapy water and dried with a clean cloth
  • Wipe occasionally with a good quality silicone wax polish

Finishes such as bronze , rustic , tin and black nickel are what is known as an applied finish, these can be cleaned as polished and lacquered finishes. This type of finish will vary in colour between batches.

It should be noted that these finishes will wear over time. 

Under no circumstances should you clean these products with abrasive cleaners or acid based products.

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